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"We are in a Golden Age for online advertising so make sure yours is smarter,"    more relevant and targeted. - Andrew Englisch & Tony Prysten, Ad News 29 January 2010

Advertisers and end users love our information portals.

End users love them because - nine times out of ten - they quickly find the niche products, services and information they're looking for.

Advertisers love them because they offer cost-effective, highly targeted advertising to 'hard to find' niche audiences who are actively looking for ideas and are ready to buy. The results are immediately measurable.

But what makes Direct Digital portals great? The answer is great advertisers and helpful information that continually attracts visitors and loyal fans. This why so many Direct Digital sites rank at the top of major search engines and why the Direct Digital network attracts many hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

The software and devices that we all use to surf the Internet might always be changing; but at Direct Digital we know that great portals are all about the content and the end user.

Direct Digital advertising options allow users to track their advertising results. We provide 24/7 login access to view full statistics including:

  • Search terms used
  • Category searches performed
  • Number of full page views
  • Number of visitors who click through to your site
  • Number of referrals sent via our information request system
  • Banner impressions and conversions

Advertising options with Direct Digital are available for all budgets. Entry-level advertising is available from as low as $60 per month, right through to our larger budget advertisers who continue to enjoy Direct Digital's demonstrated value.

Results Driven
Direct Digital has built a substantial and highly targeted traffic base, allowing us to drive active buyers to our advertisers. We are committed to continually growing this traffic base through:

  • Comprehensive, multi-faceted search engine optimisation to attain top rankings for key words in major search engines
  • Paid results in major search engines
  • Each Direct Digital portal has a presence on Facebook, with applications developed by us to enable search and browse within the Facebook interface.
  • eNewsletter promotion, with databases exceeding 14,000 subscribers
  • Direct Digital attends, display at and provides speakers for relevant exhibitions and expos.
  • Traditional publicity - Direct Digital has engaged the services of Australia's leading publicity expert for small to medium business - Publicity Queen - to generate media interest.

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